Monday, March 12, 2012

Soccer: Sixth Game

Well, today's game was a bunch of shit.

9-2, we lost.

Now let me explain why haha...

The other team we versed was my cousins, they had a full team, like 15 people.

My team, only 4 people.... -________-


4 people?! That's bullshit!

My other cousin just had a game before that and was willing to help out my team, he's an amazing goalie by the way.

Now hear this.

The other coaches, they're 2 high school kids like all the other teams have. Now, they know my cousin is a good goalie, so they said I we put him in, we forfeit.

....go to hell.

Man, have some sympathy, let the kid play, but no, he didn't let him.

I lik the other coach though, he's innocent, but one of his coaches is just a straight up I think I'm the best guy, sometimes.

So the first quarter I was goalie, I'm not bad but I did good, I was defense and goalie.

So first quarter ended 3-0.

2nd quarter we got a goal and they had 7 goals.

So we decided that it was 7-1, so let's just forfeit. I didn't want to, but all the other players wanted to so I said go ahead.

First second I got the ball and scoreda goal.

At the end of the game it was 9-2.

I just played around the rest of the game at the end, I had fun.

Well that's it kind of, time to write the next post now but let me just take a shower first haha.

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