Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh my god....

I hate rapists.

I finished the movie and whatnot, so I was sitting on the bench waiting for my ride, there were 2 other girls sitting next to me I didn't know.

We were inside the mall, all my friends left to.

So a guy came by and he said "Hi".

I was just like "Fuck..." in my mind, I was so f*cking scared!

He asked the girls if that was ice cream and whatever, he just kept talking and it was creepy as hell!

The girls stood up and left so then I picked my ass up and left.

Right when I stood up he said bye and tried to shake my hand.

I just nodded, put my hand up, did not shake that mother f*cker's hand, picked my phone up and left.

Then while I was leaving I saw him go by other random girls and talking to them.

I'm still shaking.


  1. Wait, how could you tell he was a rapist? o_O

    1. Bro, first off, he was asking me and the other girls random ass questions and just saying radom shit. Second, he was up in our asses. Third, right when I left, he went and talked to some other girls. And I don't exactly mean he's a rapist, but like a creeper and wanted to take like a kid, teen, or etc. home.