Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ping Pong and love...

Well, I'm a beast at ping pong for my age.

I ripped everyone at the CBA today(gotta explain what that is!).

I'm just 13 and I can beat 19 - 25 year old guys, cha-ching!


Its so hard to like someone when your young, I wish I can be older, but then at other times I don't.

Its weird.

Young = Old

That means that there are tons of benefits of being young, and then there's tons of benefits when your old (by old I mean like 20-30 and then the old old which is like 30+, so there are 3 technically but whatever).

So it symbolizes that being young and old have their ups and downs, no age is better then the other so be happy of how old you are, no matter what.

Well, I think that's it, I'm off to bed now, g'night evryone ;D


  1. Except for 20. 20 sucks. All the younger girls want a guy who can buy them alcohol and all the older girls want someone who can drink with them. It's lose-lose. :P

  2. In my situation, that doesn't happen. All the girls here don't really think like that, well mostly just Circassian girls.