Monday, March 5, 2012

Soccer: Fourth Game

We tied today.

2-2 was the final score, I didn't make any goals :C

Let me lay down what happened, first let me explain this.

And wait up, I versed my cousin's team which made it even more intense.

There are 3 quarters in the game, 12 minutes each, and every 6 minutes we get a water break and to change the players.

1st quarter I didn't do that well, I had so many chances but I missed them. I did a lot of running back and forth though. We made a goal in the last 6 minutes.

2nd quarter I sat out for the first 6 minutes so I can stay in for the rest of the game. Then I was defense and they made one cheap ass goal.

Now here's the 3rd quarter. I was goalie for the first 6 minutes. They tried all they could but didn't make a goal. I have to say and I'm not bragging, I did a pretty amazing job as goalie. We made a goal on my cousin, I was so happy but felt bad to. He's an amazing goalie as well. Then the last 6 minutes I went into midfield and then my cousin made a goal, so then I tried so hard to make a goal but I couldn't, they were up my ass.

One kid on my team, I want to freakin' kick his ass, he is such a faggot.

Whatever, I worked my ass off so that's what counts the most and I had fun so yeah.

Now to go to the last game of the day, my other cousin, see ya guys, I'll tell you about it later.

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